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Why Wanae? The answer is clear

Interested in purchasing CBD oil products?

It’s important to know that not all CBD is made alike. Where you purchase your CBD products matters. At Wanae, our mission is to deliver the best products available to consumers today.

For starters, we closely monitor the entire growing and production cycle. We take pride in knowing exactly where and how our hemp plants are grown and the facilities in which they are processed. Our horticulture team is experienced in every aspect of hemp cultivation. At Wanae, we deliver a product that truly is farm to shelf — grown and processed in the United States and Canada, delivered directly to you. We have the largest production of hemp and CBD oil products in the United States and Canada combined!

Unlike a number of other CBD oil companies, we know which farms our products are coming from, which processing facilities are being used, and we employ rigorous testing that enables us to provide our customers with a top-notch product. Wanae operates a world-class laboratory and we work with the very best chemical engineers to ensure the very best formulations. We adhere to the highest possible standards of ingredient quality and safety through multiple levels of transparent third-party testing. Our independent, third-party testing ensures that you are receiving the most potent, bioavailable, effective and accurately labeled CBD products.

Some CBD oil companies deliver not only inferior products containing merely trace amounts of CBD, but those that are not accurately labeled. Wanae is dedicated to being an industry leader in product testing and quality as well as labeling accuracy. With Wanae, what’s on the label is what you get!

Want to learn more? We’re dedicated to delivering a top-notch product as well as opportunities for consumer education. The more you know about CBD, the better choices you can make. Click here to learn more about Wanae’s incredible product line and how to purchase our products.

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