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We Love Our Pets

Pets suffer from anxiety, joint discomfort, and many of the same disorders as humans. Good for dogs, cats, and animals of all sizes.*

Give Your Pets a Better Life

Just as with the human line of products, Wanae uses the highest standards of ingredients for Pet products. 

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Suggested Use: Give 4-8 drops every 10lbs, 2-3 times per day.

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Wanae CBD products are third party tested during multiple stages to ensure the highest quality of product. 

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Try out the QR code. All products go through multiple rounds of testing to make sure your pet gets the highest quality of product.

Supports Relief from Pain & Inflammation

"I noticed an immediate change in my energy. This is a way better option than my soda or energy drinks."

- Becky W.

"Wow - I took Energy in addition to the Spectrum CBD... and I feel great. Good product. 

- Bob M.


Become a CBD Influencer and make money. Wanae provides powerful tools for you to create and grow your business. Contact us today to find out more.

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